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Supreme Court urged to leave marriage definition to the states

By Michael Foust - Feb 28, 2013

Urging the Supreme Court not to legalize gay marriage for all 50 states, supporters of California Prop 8 say in a court brief that opposite-sex couples’ unique ability to procreate — thus benefiting society by “creating and nurturing the next generation” — provides states with a rational reason to define marriage in the traditional sense.…

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Moore: Church returning to oddness in culture

By Tom Strode - Sep 19, 2013

The ongoing collapse of the Bible Belt will help the church recover its oddness and thereby further its mission, Southern Baptist ethicist Russell D. Moore told a gathering on Capitol Hill.

Moore encouraged the audience of Christians who work in congressional offices to approach the “next new reality” after the breakdown of the Bible Belt in a “Gospel-centered” manner.…

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Policy Statement on Global Warming Environmental Stewardship:  A Theological Model for the Environment