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Racial reconciliation and the gospel

By Richard Land - Dec 16, 2014

It grieves me to witness the extent to which racial mistrust and animosity still besets and bedevils America. However, given the visceral response generated by the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York, it is clear that we still have a long way to go in our national life before we achieve Dr.…

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3 keys to shaping your children’s view of marriage

By Daniel Darling - Nov 19, 2014

There was a time when little boys and girls grew up and dreamed of getting married. It was a goal of most people in American society. I’m not much of a nostalgic, take-America-back type of guy, but you don’t have to be a sociologist to realize that marriage as an institution is changing.

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Washington now leads in assisted suicides

By Tom Strode - Jul 9, 2013

Washington has become the No. 1 state for physician-assisted suicide.

At least 83 people in Washington died in 2012 after taking lethal doses of drugs prescribed by doctors, the State Department of Health reported June 20.…

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