Modern-day cannibals

By Richard Land
Feb 11, 2009

Throughout his campaign for president, President Barack Obama said he would reverse President George W. Bush’s ban on the federal funding of stem cell research on human embryos. Tragically, it appears he is keeping his word.

On Feb. 5, President Obama guaranteed during a closed-door meeting of House Democrats at their retreat in Williamsburg, Va., that he planned to sign an executive order overturning Bush’s embryonic stem cell research funding policy, which Bush instituted in August 2001.

President Obama’s promise is extremely disappointing but not surprising. He pledged during the campaign that he would lift President Bush’s restrictions on using federal money to kill embryos in order to harvest their stem cells to try to find treatments for maladies afflicting older and bigger human beings.

The Washington Times reported that not only did Obama promise to throw open the federal funding floodgates for the experimentation that destroys human lives, he also told the group he wanted Congress to adopt legislation that would prevent any future president from reversing his policy allowing the funding.

Once again, as in the case of overturning the Mexico City Policy, President Obama’s action forces those Americans who find such research both barbaric and repugnant to subsidize it with their tax money.

Reduced to its basics, killing the tiniest human beings in their embryonic stage of development for the possible medical benefits of older and more developed human beings is quite simply high-tech cannibalism.

We are devouring our own young for the sole purpose of hopefully treating other human beings who are merely fortunate enough to be older and able to defend themselves in a way the tiniest human beings are not.

To date, the human embryonic stem cell research that has taken place, which is privately funded or focuses on existing stem cell lines, has not provided breakthrough treatment for any human diseases. Yet immediate and dramatic clinical benefits are at hand in experimentation with stem cells safely and ethically secured from non-embryonic sources, according to an organization that focuses on research ethics, DoNoHarm (

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1 On Feb 11, 2009, at 9:25pm, vince eccles wrote:

I agree that our society needs to better define ethical and moral limits to biological studies.  I am probably closer to your position on this subject, Dr. Land, than most Americas.  However, I find it offensive and inflammatory to use the title “Modern Day Cannibals”.  You completely shutdown any reasonable discussion with your opponents and demonize human beings with whom you disagree.

2 On Feb 11, 2009, at 10:52pm, Joi Wasill wrote:

The word “cannibalize” actually means “to swallow up or devour another of the same kind”.  Why can’t we just call things what they are?  Embryonic stem cell research is the taking of one human life to potentially assist, lengthen or improve another human life.  I think Dr. Land was being very precise with his choice of words. I’m going to re-read Orwell’s classic, “1984” because I’m afraid we live there now.

3 On Feb 11, 2009, at 11:20pm, Bela C. Strickland wrote:

Hello again, Vince.  Part of reasonable discussion is bringing someone to a realization of what they are actually doing.  Taking parts from another human being by force to nourish (whether digestively or medically) one’s self is actual cannibalism.  That’s not inflammatory but what they are actually doing on a microscopic scale.  It is ethically no different than a tribe of cannibals setting aside a group of hand-picked people to bear them babies to feed on.  The only difference is that embryonic stem-cell research is not as gorey.  Quite frankly, I am sick of politically correct language taking precedent in the debate over unborn life.  They are killing babies.  Period.

4 On Feb 13, 2009, at 1:07am, The Rev. Grover Weaver, An Old School Preacher in wrote:

As this stem cell reseach goes forth let us not be as the ole hound barking as the parade passes.  Our dialogue must be engaging, stimulating and sincere not polarizing if our opinion is to be the game changer.

Is not this the Darwinism cycle of life, the strong feeding off of the weak?

5 On Feb 13, 2009, at 4:37am, Scott Brickey wrote:

Concerning the title of the article it does say “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  One of our modern day errors is a unwillingness to be precise, direct,  and to the point.  Poliitically correct statements are just that - only politically correct.  Just how do you offend (by words) someone who is willing to destroy the most innocent of innocents?

6 On Feb 13, 2009, at 10:09am, Julie Crisp wrote:

“I recently heard a lecture from a Catholic ethics specialist on this topic. The amount of stem cell availability from ethical sources is astounding. At the end of the lecture He emphasized that not one life has been saved from using embryonic cells. I wonder why Mr. Obama is not more concerned with what is working for science.I fear God’s judgement on this and Roe v/s Wade for Our beloved country. May We remember to pray for Our leaders to come to God’s truth!!!

7 On Feb 16, 2009, at 5:35am, Kelly wrote:

As a fellow Christian against stem cell research and abortion, this sounds eerily like the movie “The Island”. It is not right to use a life to “fix” another. God creates each human for a purpose. We cannot play God and decide how to use an innocent life. This cannot be allowed to happen and it really upsets me that Obama, calling himself a Christian, would stand behind an issue such as this overlooking what it really is. My thanks to the Mr. Land (Writer) who calls it for what it is.

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