Join the ERLC and 9Marks at the SBC

By Staff
May 3, 2016

Evangelicals believe that the Bible has an answer to life's biggest questions. When it comes to difficult issues, Christians often respond in one of two ways. Either they ignore them or fixate on them. But how does the gospel apply to everyday life?

Join the ERLC and 9Marks for "God, Politics, and Other Easy Topics," our second annual event at the Southern Baptist Convention, happening on Monday, June 13, 2016, at 9 p.m. ERLC President Russell Moore and Capitol Hill Baptist Church Pastor Mark Dever will tackle important questions on a variety of topics.

Last year's conversation with 9Marks and the ERLC gathered more than 800 pastors and leaders for a conversation connecting church and culture. 9Marks Editorial Director Jonathan Leeman and ERLC Executive Vice President Phillip Bethancourt will be back to moderate this conversation.

During "God, Politics, and Other Easy Topics," Moore and Dever will field audience questions on a variety of subjects: politics and the 2016 election, the church and cultural engagement, plus whatever else is on your mind.

Last year's event sold out and exceeded capacity. So, be sure to secure your spot before space fills up by registering for the event today.  

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