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Before you were born

By GraceAnna Castleberry - Oct 1, 2013

Most days, I can’t think about abortion. The thought of it is too heartbreaking. I read recently that a baby is capable of feeling pain as early as the first trimester and that the baby will do all he or she can to escape the instrument used to end their life.…

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Preaching the Gospel: The Word Domesticated

By David E. Prince - Feb 17, 2014

I fear that evangelicals have won the battle for the Bible in the academy, but we have lost our awe of the Bible preached in our pulpits. Our greatest preaching weakness is not lack of sound exegetical methodology or broad theological understanding, but it is our failure to understand what is happening in the preaching moment.…

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Letter to Boy Scouts concerning proposed policy change on homosexual leaders

By Staff - Jan 31, 2013

On Jan. 28, the Boy Scouts of America announced a proposed policy change to turn back a longstanding policy and instead admit open homosexuals as troop leaders. On Jan. 31, ERLC President Richard Land sent a letter to BSA Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock and BSA President Wayne Perry expressing “strident opposition to this proposed move.”…

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Letter to Sen. Kyl opposing Internet poker gambling bill

By Richard Land - Dec 6, 2012

Below is a letter sent to Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) from Dr. Richard Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, expressing opposition to his efforts to pass legislation legalizing Internet poker gambling, and urging him to drop support for such a bill he could soon introduce.…

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