Rebelling against ingratitude

By Lindsay Swartz - Nov 25, 2015

Some of us may not feel like entering into a season of thanksgiving and celebration, where all the happy people feel at home. Terrorist attacks, the in-your-face horrors of Planned Parenthood’s gruesomeness, plane crashes—all cause our stomachs to churn. more ⟶

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Thanksgiving: More than turkey and touchdowns

By Thomas Kidd - Nov 25, 2015

The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony weren't the first Europeans to settle in North America, nor were they the first permanent English colonists. But because of our annual celebration of Thanksgiving, and our hazy images of their 1621 meal with Native Americans, the Pilgrims have become the emblematic colonists in America's national memory. more ⟶

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What you should know about the biggest pro-life case at the Supreme Court in 25 years

By Joseph Williams - Nov 19, 2015

What is this case and what’s it about?

The case is Whole Women’s Health v. Cole. Abortion clinics in Texas are challenging common-sense state regulations intended to protect the health of all women and any children born alive during botched abortions, arguing that the laws are too burdensome on women wanting to get abortions in some parts of Texas. more ⟶

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