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On 6 steps to making wise decisions about psychotropic medications

I would add that consistent journaling is essential to following these steps. There is a kind of chronic amnesia that follows one through this process. more »

By Cathy - Sep 22, 2014

On Jesus and the same-sex marriage debate

Thank you for this article..One of the best I’ve read regarding this issue..explained beautifully!

By Melissa Linn Askew - Sep 22, 2014

On Because Jesus is Better: An interview with spoken word artist Jackie Hill

Thank You Jesus for the life of Jackie and her testimonies, what you are doing plus what you have ahead for her. I have being moved ever since i came across your collections… I will tell the world of the love of God and what He’s doing.

By Goma Lawe G. - Sep 22, 2014

On Are we ignoring the persecuted church?

Sister Bates,
Thank you for your beautifully written piece. We as Christians in the West have become too comfortable with the persecution that is happening to our brothers and sisters all over the world. more »

By Jackson Whitehurst - Sep 19, 2014

On VIDEO: Addressing marriage and homosexuality

I am convinced (to quote Paul the apostle) that ANY topic that is found in the Holy Scripture, should be addressed by the church today. The reason that we are in the situation that the Church is in today is that the Church has been silent and weak. more »

By Ben & Gayleen Miramon - Sep 18, 2014

On Michael Brown is your neighbor

I am not surprised at all how those who say they are christian and or not. Jesus said the love of many will wax cold in the last days and not everyone that say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven. more »

By Margie - Aug 29, 2014

On Explainer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge was NOT started by ALS Association, and was never intended to specifically benefit that organization.  That’s a common assumption, however, due to the name recognition and marketing resources of the largest organization in the space. more »

By Jess Rabourn - Aug 29, 2014

On Explainer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What you do not say is that thousands of embryo’s are destroyed because couples of IVF do not want to continue paying to have excess embryo’s frozen. more »

By Bill Smith - Aug 28, 2014

On Explainer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thank you for clearing this up for me.  I was “challenged”, and unsure about participating.  A Facebook post caused me to seek further information, and to this sight. more »

By Shelley Rogers - Aug 27, 2014

On Explainer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Though I disagree with doing embryonic research on a moral level, I think raising money and awareness for ALS research trumps that objection. more »

By Philip Flynt - Aug 27, 2014

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