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The Christian response to homosexuality often vacillates between disdain and disgust. Homosexuality has become an issue to be squelched, rather than a representation of souls to be reached by the Gospel and ministered to in the name of Christ.

Homosexuality continues to gain exposure in our culture, and yet sitting in church pews every weekend are Christians who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction or who are personally impacted by the homosexual struggle of someone they love. Even with these realities, the church often chooses to ignore them or to respond in a way that shuts the door to an amazing opportunity to minister to all those impacted by homosexuality.

Jesus walked into the world of the spiritually poor, those oppressed by their own sin, those blinded by their own humanity, and those held captive by desires and feelings that were killing them. He walked into the world of sinners – and He shared himself with them, and they were changed. Jesus did not fight against them. He fought for them. Will we do the same?

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