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We all have faith in something: A faith that our dining room chair will hold our weight without collapsing; a faith that your stockbroker won't abscond to South America with your retirement savings; a faith that the physician who is operating on you really earned that diploma that is on his wall. Faith is dismissed by the faithless as weakness. Yet Scripture says that real faith is "the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen?" (Heb. 11:1, HCSB). Faith in the One True God is a source of power, of strength, and of comfort. Includes: Apologetics, Bible, Ministry, Pastoral Integrity.


A proper view of human life is incomplete without an understanding that it is God who creates human life. The Bible tells us God is intimately involved with the fashioning of every human (Psalm 139). And if we are a creation of the Most High God, we are precious in His sight. Innocent human life is to be protected -- no matter one's age or condition. Includes: Abortion, Bioethics, Birth Control, Capital Punishment, Cloning, Disabled, End-of-Life Issues, Infertility, Origins, Reproductive Technology, Stem-cell Research, Suicide.


Christians are citizens of two realms: the spiritual and the worldly. As a citizen in both realms, we have certain rights and responsibilities. As citizens of the state, we are to do good -- for conscience sake? (Romans 13:1-7). As the government is ordained by God to reward those who do good and punish the evil doers, we are to support and participate in civic affairs, unless such participation and support leads us to engage in behavior which is in opposition to the stated will of our Lord. Includes: Capital Punishment, Christian Citizenship, Church & State, Community Service, Environment, Education, Human Rights, Hunger/Homelessness, Immigration, Legislation, National, Persecution, Racial Reconciliation, Religious Liberty, Social Issues, War.


Does science supersede the teachings of Scripture? No. In reality Scripture is in harmony with, and instructive to, science. No finding of science has ever debunked the Truth of God's Word. Scripture is authoritative on all matters in life, including science. Most conflicts between scientific and religious faith arise when observable and quantifiable findings give way to conjecture and speculation. A proper perspective on the relationship between Christian faith and science leads to a healthy and ethical application of the findings of science in critically important fields, such as biology and the other life sciences. Includes: Bioethics, Cloning, Creation/Evolution, Environment, Stem-cell Research.

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