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Andrew Bunnell on religious freedom misconceptions and the way forward

September 22, 2020

Jeff Pickering and Travis Wussow welcome Andrew Bunnell of Biblical Ministries Worldwide to the roundtable for a wide ranging conversation on religious freedom. The discussion covers various misconceptions about this freedom and how we can chart a path forward that advances the Kingdom of God and the common good of our neighbors in our country. Andrew speaks with a wealth of experience on the mission field as a church planter and knowledge of the history of how government policy treats this foundational human right.

Guest Biography

Andrew Bunnell has invested his life evangelizing the lost and planting and revitalizing churches in more than forty countries across Eurasia, Africa, and North America. After twenty years with Baptist International Missions, he now serves as General Director Designate at Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Andrew is also pursuing a PhD at the University of Washington at Seattle focused on the global role of religion in shaping culture and politics. In 2000, he married his childhood sweetheart, Sarah. They have three children: Joseph, Jackson and Elizabeth.

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