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August Profiles: Shannon Royce on service and stewardship

September 2, 2020

Each August, we take a break from our usual policy focused conversations and host interviews with leaders we admire. In this last week of summer before Labor Day, Chelsea Patterson Sobolik sits down with Shannon Royce, Esq., who serves in the federal government as the Director of the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Guest Biography

Shannon Royce leads the HHS Partnership Center which was formed in 2001, under the George W. Bush administration, to ensure that faith partners and non-profits faced no barriers and were engaged as full partners in serving the poor and helping the vulnerable. Shannon’s career includes both government and private sector experience. In government, she worked for over seven years on Capitol Hill, including serving as Counsel to Sen. Grassley (R–Iowa). In the private sector, Shannon worked in several faith-based non-profits, including leading the D.C. office of the ERLC. She received her Juris Doctor from the George Washington University School of Law. Shannon is married with two grown sons and enjoys running half-marathons for fun.

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