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Braves win the World Series, Youngkin’s win in Virginia, and remembering the SBC’s Orphan and Widow Sunday

November 5, 2021

In this episode, Brent and Lindsay discuss the Braves World Series win, Younkin’s win in Virginia, and remembering the SBC’s Orphan and Widow Sunday. They also discuss Ethiopia’s state of emergency, lessons from election night, and churches responding in light of SB8 (Texas heartbeat bill). 

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  1. The Braves win the World Series! 
  2. Youngkin wins Virginia; Youngkin’s platform
  3. McAuliffe’s debate mistake
  4. New Jersey Gov. Murphy prevails
  5. Lesson from election night
  6. QAnon believers gather while hoping for JFK Jr.’s resurrection 
  7. Ethiopia’s state of emergency; ERLC Explainer


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