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Highlights of the ERLC’s 2023 Public Policy Agenda

February 3, 2023

In this episode, Brent and Lindsay talk to Hannah Daniel about the ERLC’s advocacy priorities for 2023. These priorities are in the important areas of religious liberty, marriage and family, sanctity of life, and human dignity. 

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  • Internships | While it may seem early, now is the time when many college students begin planning for their Summer 2023 internships. You likely already know this if you have a college student in your life—whether it’s in your own household, or your church ministry. At the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, we believe strongly in investing in the next generation. Our internship program exists to prepare students and young professionals with a gospel-centered, kingdom-focused perspective on the issues of everyday life. Interns come alongside ERLC staff to equip church leaders to address complex ethical issues in their communities, local churches, and represent Southern Baptists to the United States government. They help write policy briefs, draft correspondence to congressional staff, assist with communication strategy, provide research on ethical debates, meet with state and federal Christian officials working in the public square, and so much more. In sum, ERLC Interns do much more than simple errands and coffee runs. If you know of a college student looking for an internship for summer 2023, or you are a college student in need of an internship, visit to apply. That’s
  • Psalm 139 | Thousands of women are now traveling to states where abortion is still legal. Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are targeting these states by placing mobile abortion centers near the border to take advantage of vulnerable women. The need for lifesaving ultrasound machines is greater than ever. That’s where the Psalm 139 Project comes in. As an initiative of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the Psalm 139 Project works on behalf of Southern Baptists to place ultrasound machines in pro-life clinics across the country. Will you help us save vulnerable lives in 2023 and beyond? When you partner with the Psalm 139 Project, 100% of your gift goes directly to placing ultrasound machines and training PRC staff and volunteers. All of our administrative costs are covered by the ongoing generosity of Southern Baptists through the Cooperative Program. That’s what makes us unique — and that’s why partnering with us will make a real, tangible difference. Learn more and partner with us at That’s

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