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Tasmanian devils, the first vice presidential debate, and a conversation with Dana McCain

October 9, 2020

In this episode, Josh, Lindsay, and Brent discuss the president and first lady contracting COVID-19, other white house staff contracting COVID-19, airborne transmission of COVID-19, the first vice presidential debate, tropical storm Delta, the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, and the return of Tasmanian Devils. Lindsay also gives a rundown of this week’s ERLC content including a piece by Russell Moore with “What is the basis for Christian ethics?,” Josh Wester with “A closer look at the judicial philosophy of Amy Coney Barrett,” Amanda Hays with “4 conversations I’m having with my child about ‘Mulan’,” and Jeff Pickering and Travis Wussow with “Rolland Slade on how pastors can build partnerships with public officials.” Also in this episode, the hosts are joined by Dana McCain for a conversation about life and ministry. 

About Dana

Dana Hall McCain is a lifelong Alabamian and a graduate of Auburn University. She is a Resident Fellow with the Alabama Policy Institute where she writes editorial content for a host of media outlets dealing with faith, politics and cultural issues of the day. Her work regularly appears on multiple platforms including, Yellowhammer News, The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times and Mobile Press-Register. Dana and her husband Greg “Scooter” McCain are members of First Baptist Church of Dothan, Alabama. She has served the church in the past as Women’s Ministry director and a Bible study leader. The McCains are parents to two teenagers. You can connect with him on Twitter: @dhmccain

ERLC Content


  1. POTUS and FLOTUS tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. Trump returns to White House, although doctors say he ‘may not entirely be out of the woods’
  3. 34 members of WH staff have COVID-19
  4. Senior Pentagon leadership quarantining after exposure to coronavirus
  5. CDC Acknowledges Coronavirus Can Spread Via Airborne Transmission
  6. 2020 vice presidential debate
  7. Trump says he won’t do next presidential debate after it goes virtual, Biden still wants town hall
  8. Tropical Storm Delta breaks record as it moves toward Gulf Coast, could become hurricane
  9. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering total exceeds goal at $159.5M
  10. After 3,000 years, Tasmanian devils are returning to Australian mainland


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