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The toxicity of Instagram, USA gymnastics vs. FBI, and the new ERLC presidential profile

September 17, 2021

In this episode, Lindsay and Brent discuss how toxic instagram is for teens, how the FBI failed USA gymnastics, how 1 in every 500 U.S. residents have now died of COVID-19, California voters reject the governor recall, Texas judge agrees to consider a block of the Texas abortion ban, and the profile for the next ERLC president. They also give a rundown of this week’s ERLC content including Jason Thacker with “How can Christians navigate the digital public square? Introducing a new ERLC research project on ethics and religion for a technological society,” Jill Waggoner with “4 ways the church can serve Afghan and other refugee communities: An interview with a pastor born in Syria,” and Willis Deitz with “5 things I’ve learned about children’s ministry and volunteers.”

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  1. Facebook knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls
  2. Facebook tried to make its platform healthier. it got angrier.
  3. USA gymnasts describe how FBI lied about their allegations into Larry Nassar
  4. 1 in every 500 US residents have died of Covid-19
  5. Gov. Newsom Keeps His Seat As A Majority Of California Voters Reject The Recall
  6. Judge agrees to consider temporarily blocking Texas abortion ban
  7. ERLC trustees approve profile for next president


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