Equip your church leaders to do faithful gospel ministry in an increasingly changing world.

ERLC offers specialized training from Christian thinkers, ethicists, and pastors on a variety of ethical and moral issues. Each course is hosted on Lifeway’s Ministry Grid training platform. We encourage you to offer this flexible and highly-customizable training for your leadership team, small group leaders, and teachers. To begin this training, simply register for the course below.

Family Matters in a Sex-Saturated World

When is the best time to teach kids about sexuality? How do you talk to your kids about same-sex marriage, womanhood and manhood? How can churches create gospel-centered environments where parents and teens are equipped to live out a faithful sexuality in a sexually charged world? Learn from Jimmy Scroggins, Robbie Gallaty, Jon Akin, and others.

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Ministry in a Sex-Saturated World

What does pastoral ministry to the sexually broken look like? Jon Akin, Matt Carter, JD Greear, and Heath Lambert teach on the impact of pornography, fallen pastors, and other important topics of biblical sexual ethics.

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Sexuality in a Sex-Saturated World

How do Christians teach and preach a biblical sexual ethic in a post-marriage culture? Learn from Russell Moore, JD Greear, David Prince, Tony Merida, Denny Burk and Danny Akin.

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Equipping Christians in Racial Reconciliation

How can pastors and church leaders educated and equip their people to understand the civil rights movement and work toward racial reconciliation? Trillia Newbell, John Perkins, HB Charles, Afshin Ziafat and Trip Lee teach on urban ministry, interracial marriage, and civil rights in this important training sequence.

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Equipping Pastors in Racial Reconciliation

Why do evangelical churches fail to reflect the diversity of their communities and what can churches to do intentionally foster racial reconcilation? Learn from Tony Evans, Matt Hall, Fred Luter, Juan Sanchez, Dhati Lewis, and others.

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Restoring the Broken

In an increasingly fractured and broken world, how can the church both uphold the beauty of marriage and family and be a safe place for the broken to find gospel healing and hope? Learn from Jim Daly, DA Horton and others in this important training sequence.

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Strengthening Families

Equipping families to disciple their children is a priority of every gospel-preaching church. What kind of ministries and mechanisms offer the best opportunity to train parents to fulfill their primary role as shepherds of their children's spiritual lives?

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Creating a Marriage Culture in the Church

How can faithful biblical churches create a culture that presents, afresh, the beautiful picture of the gospel embedded in marriage? Catherine Parks, Dennis Rainey, Jennifer Lyle, Trillia Newbell, and Lizette Beard teach leaders how to create and sustain a healthy marriage culture at all levels of church ministry.

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Addressing the Divorce Culture

The road to redefinition of marriage didn't start with the Supreme Court's recent decision, but with a divorce culture that too easily loosed the bonds of marriage. What does biblical, faithful ministry look like to those who've experienced divorce, those contemplating divorce, and those who are innocent victims of divorce?

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Ministering to the LGBT Community

What does gospel-centered ministry to the LGBT community look like? Learn from faithful same-sex attracted Christians, Christopher Yuan, Sam Alberry, Mike Goeke, Jackie Hill Perry, and Rosaria Buttterfield.

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