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Alex Chediak

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Alex Chediak earned a B.S. Degree at Alfred University in Ceramic Engineering (1996) and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Material Science & Engineering from U.C. Berkeley (2001, 2004). He worked as an engineer for IBM for three years (1996-1999). From 2005-2007 he was an apprentice at The Bethlehem Institute (now Bethlehem College and Seminary), a masters-level theological training program overseen by Pastors John Piper and Tom Steller. During those years, Alex got his start in Christian higher education at Northwestern College. As of 2007, he’s been a professor of engineering and physics at California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. He has enjoyed writing to young adult audiences (mid-teens through twenties) since 2005, having written many articles for Boundless (Focus on the Family) and later for Trak (God’s World News). As a professor, his mission is to help young adults develop their God-given potential. That passion gave rise to his books Beating the College Debt Trap(Zondervan, 2016), Preparing Your Teens for College (Tyndale House, 2014), and Thriving at College(Tyndale House, 2011).

  • Preparing Your Teens for College

    The following is an excerpt from Preparing Your Teens for College: Faith, Friends, Finances, and Much More by Alex Chediak.  In the time since you and I have embarked on our adult lives, the challenges surrounding college education have dramatically increased. More people are going to college than ever before, it costs a fortune, we’re