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Karen Angela Ellis is currently a PhD candidate in Church History at Oxford Center for Mission Studies in Oxford, England. She holds a Master of Art in Religion (Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Master of Fine Art from the Yale School of Drama. In her twenty year career, she has been seen in classrooms, conferences, on television, on film and onstage. For eight years, she hosted a morning radio program in the Pacific Northwest (KWPZ). She teaches, writes and speaks on Human Rights, Religious Freedom and the Persecuted Church and is currently an Ambassador for International Christian Response. She loves to travel with her husband, theological anthropologist Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr. They have four children and one grandchild.

  • Binding Up Our Achilles Heel

    Something is stirring in the Body of Christ. In the wake of yet another media frenzy over race following the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, the Church seemed to veer yet again toward polarization over resolving the issues related to Christian involvement in race-based slavery, the Jim Crow era, and the institutions and systemic racism they’ve