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Kendal Conner

After spending 10 years working in youth ministry, Kendal currently serves as a Groups Minister at Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, Missouri. Kendal received her B.A. from Union University and, upon graduation, served two years overseas working in Central Asia. After returning to America, she spent several years working for a parachurch youth ministry before moving to Oklahoma to serve in student ministry in a local church. Kendal loves to travel, and dreams of one day being able to say she has had coffee in every country.

  • How to talk to your teen about race

    At the leading edge of most cultural movements in our country’s history, you can find a single commonality, youth. The civil rights and anti-war movements were carried on the feet of passionate baby boomers; Generation X took up the mantel for the third wave of feminism; and my own generation, the millennials, made their mark