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Matthew Loftus

Matthew Loftus

Matthew is a family physician who works more or less full-time as a family doctor at Bet Eman (His House of Hope) Hospital in Yei, South Sudan. He trained at University of Maryland School of Medicine (’11) and MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine Residency (’14). His scope of practice includes outpatient and inpatient pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology (with a wee bit of adult internal medicine every now and then). More importantly, he’s involved with teaching African health professionals (nurses, midwives, clinical officers, physicians, and hopefully someday soon community health workers.) He likes to write, play music, tweet, and read when he’s not doing doctor stuff or playing with the kids.

  • The Right Thing Has a Real Cost

    There are no social policies without costs or unintended consequences. Even if we agree that something is bad and ought to be stopped—sexual trafficking of children, for example—it is inevitable that giving more power to the state to prevent an action carries with it all sorts of risks that exercising state power will do harm