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  • A Hidden World

    At the ERLC, we are working every day to ensure that Baptist Christians can live out their callings without fear of government intrusion. But while we fight for the preservation of religious liberty here, we must not forget that for many of our brothers and sisters around the world, there is no religious liberty at


  • The Gravity of Leadership

    Russell Moore writes about the purifying power of Judgement Day, and Beth Moore discusses the necessity of accountability. John Perkins, the civil rights hero, calls for bold believers. Jared Wilson talks about what to do when we fail, while Phillip Bethancourt highlights the urgent need to address sexual abuse. And the outgoing governor of Tennessee,


  • Navigating The Digital Age

    In this issue, we aim to provoke Christians to think deeply about the way we interact with technology. We are not merely venting about Facebook. Nor are we starry-eyed tech savants who refuse to ask ourselves important questions about the technology we consume. Rather, we want to apply the good news of the gospel—a Creator