Presidential Search

The Trustees of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention are pleased to announce they are now accepting applications from interested candidates for the office of President and CEO of the ERLC.

We ask each interested candidate and each person considering a recommendation of a candidate to follow three steps:

  1. Pray about whether you or the person you would like to recommend should begin this process. The President and CEO of the ERLC is a high-profile post requiring God’s clear calling and equipping.
  2. Read the Candidate Profile and consider whether or not you (or the candidate you’d like to recommend) satisfy its qualifications.
  3. After prayer and consideration of the Candidate Profile, if you are confident that it is within God’s will for you to be or to recommend a candidate, use the link to submit your (or the candidate’s) Curriculum Vitae. If you are recommending, please obtain the CV directly from the candidate to ensure its accuracy. We will be accepting applications until November 30, 2021.

The ERLC has a rich legacy. It is our prayer as a search committee and as a full Trustee Board that God will continue to bless the ERLC and use this entity for the sake of religious freedom, the oppressed, the abused, and the unborn.

For the Gospel,

ERLC Presidential Search Committee 2021

The selection of a new ERLC president is the responsibility of the ERLC Board of Trustees, and we know the weight and importance of this responsibility. To facilitate this important process, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees has appointed a search committee of seven Trustees who will nominate and present the candidate to the full Board for approval. We who are serving on that committee ask that you remember us in prayer, as well as the next President of the ERLC, keeping in mind the decisions we face regarding the future of the ERLC. 

Please pray:

  • that we seek God’s will above all else;
  • that a sense of openness to God’s guidance direct each step in the process;
  • that we take time in God’s Word individually to hear from Him;
  • for God’s protective presence to surround the committee;
  • for wisdom;
  • for unity;
  • and for a thorough and appropriate review of each candidate.

The members of the Presidential Search Committee are committed to seeing the process through to completion and praying for one another regularly throughout this season.

Thank you for your commitment to pray

The members of the committee are:

  • Todd Howard – Search Committee Chair
  • Lori Bova
  • Traci Griggs
  • Christine Hoover
  • Juan Sanchez
  • A.B. Vines
  • David Prince

If you are unable to submit your CV through this form, please email it directly to the Presidential Search team at [email protected].