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House’s Ukraine, Israel aid package moving ahead as Speaker Johnson fights to keep his job

Baptist Press

Mike Johnson

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Mike Johnson, facing a choice between potentially losing his job and advancing aid for Ukraine, forged ahead Wednesday (April 16) toward a vote later this week on a package of funding that also includes Israel and Taiwan.

After agonizing over how to proceed on the package for days, the Republican speaker notified GOP lawmakers that he will start a days-long push to hold votes on three funding packages for Ukraine, Israel and allies in the Indo-Pacific, as well as a several other foreign policy proposals in a fourth bill.

Southern Baptists have long held that authoritarian regimes directly undermine human flourishing and religious liberty. The Baptist Faith and Message calls on us to ‘do all in [our] power to put an end to war,’ and right now, passing these bills is what is desperately needed by our allies to do just that.

Hannah Daniel

“After this weekend’s unprecedented attack on Israel, we can no longer delay. Speaker Johnson has shown remarkable courage and commendable leadership in moving forward with these bills, despite ongoing political pressure. We now urge other lawmakers to act swiftly in passing such a package to save innocent lives.”

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Mike Johnson

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