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Land predicts a ‘tsunami-size’ voter backlash over healthcare vote

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, expressed disappointment with those who passed the healthcare legislation, despite the opposition of the majority of American people.

“What a tragic day for American medicine and for our nation’s citizens. This healthcare legislation will lead to the overwhelming majority of Americans living shorter lives, and experiencing more pain and suffering before they die.

“A majority of Americans are enraged that their elected representatives would so callously disregard their expressed convictions and pass legislation a majority of the populace clearly does not want.”

Land also predicted the American people will express their frustration in the polls in November 2010 and beyond.

“Liberals across America are rejoicing today over their ‘historic’ victory. My message to them is, ‘Enjoy it while you can.’ This was a Pyrrhic victory of epic proportions. The Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor won a ‘historic’ victory as well. Their celebrations were cut short six months later when most of them were killed at the Battle of Midway. As Admiral Yamamoto said at the time ‘I am fearful… that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.’

“The most recent Rasmussen Poll revealed that 50 percent of voters are ‘less likely’ to vote for someone who voted for Obamacare and 34 percent of voters are ‘more likely’ to vote for a member of Congress who supported Obamacare. Such a 16 percent disparity is ominous.

“Lest the literal-minded misunderstand, no one is suggesting or predicting the killing of those who voted for Obamacare. Electoral defeat that removes Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid from power will be sufficient for the outraged majority. A tsunami-size voter backlash is coming in November. ‘Remember Midway!’”

human dignity

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