Being pro-life

January 17, 2014

Are you pro-life? I mean really pro-life? Do you not only think in a pro-life way but also act in a pro-life way?

Christians are the backbone of the pro-life movement, but too many of us are content to sit back and wait for others to act on their convictions. To be pro-life is to support all of life.

Let’s think about some practical ways you can put your pro-life principles into action.

Teach your children. Explain to your children from an early age that humans are made in the image of God and worthy of care and protection.

Pray for pro-life ministries. Pregnancy care centers, Baptist children’s homes and adoption agencies are just a few of the ministries that depend on God’s grace and the prayers of His people.

Volunteer at a pregnancy care center. Centers could not function without volunteer receptionists, counselors, medical staff, etc.

Mentor a child. There are  parents who are eager to find Christian role models for their children. You could establish a Christian mentoring organization, being diligent to implement measures to safeguard the children.

Be a respite caregiver. Parents of special needs children and adult caregivers of the elderly or disabled are grateful for a trustworthy relief caregiver.

Be a foster or adoptive family. It is a great opportunity to provide a loving, Christian home and family to those who need them.

Support foster and adoptive families. Promote awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and support foster and adoptive families.

Remember senior adults. Connect the younger families in your church with the senior adults. Encourage them to keep in touch, help with household tasks and errands, and share special days. Establish relationships with local nursing home residents, especially those who don’t have family nearby.

Volunteer with a hospice. Volunteers can provide companionship, do light housekeeping, or use their skills and talents to improve the quality of life for both patients and their families.   

Express your opinion. The sanctity of human life is debated in the media and at all levels of government. Abortion is receiving renewed attention as Americans recognize the consequences of 40 years under Roe v. Wade. Policies have been changed because one citizen took a stand, and legislators have voted a particular way after receiving just a handful of correspondence.

Support the Psalm 139 Project, which raises funds to provide sonogram machines to pregnancy resource centers.

Celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Host a pro-life speaker on the third Sunday in January. Allow local pro-life organizations to promote their work.

So, I’ll ask again: Are you pro-life? Really pro-life? Do you not only think in a pro-life way but also act in a pro-life way?

Karen Cole

Karen Cole previously served the ERLC in the communications area, editing print pieces and proposing and producing audio and video content. Read More by this Author