Brian Auten


Dr. Auten teaches Counterterrorism in PHC's Strategic Intelligence program. Dr. Auten is currently an intelligence analyst with the US government, and has taught courses at California State University at San Bernardino, University of Reading (UK) and University of Hull (UK).  Dr. Auten’s course offerings have included US National Security Policy, Nuclear Strategy, Intelligence and Statecraft, and Introduction to International Politics. Dr. Auten has published national security-related articles and book reviews in several journals as well as as well as online columns at First Things and the Center for Public Justice.  His first book, Carter’s Conversion: The Hardening of American Defense Policy, was published in 2008.  Dr. Auten has presented at the National Defense Intelligence College and the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security.  He is currently a member of the International Intelligence Ethics Association, and his research interests include the interaction between political theology and national security affairs, as well as the application of just war theory to counterterrorism, intelligence/counterintelligence and nuclear weapons policy.

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