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August 1, 2017

The most common question we get at the ERLC these days comes from parents. It goes something like this: I have a hard enough time understanding for myself what the Bible teaches about today’s hot button cultural issues; how can I talk to my children about them?

This is not just a question about comprehension. It’s also a question about confidence. Many parents simply do not feel adequately equipped to apply the gospel to today’s pressing topics in a way that their children will understand and embrace. They are often afraid to talk to their kids about them.

That’s why the ERLC has partnered with Lifeway to produce a new six-week video-based curriculum for groups, Christ-Centered Parenting: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues. This unique resource will prepare parents, pastors, and student ministry leaders to equip the next generation to embrace what the gospel means for today’s toughest issues.

Christ-Centered Parenting tackles the most pressing subjects that parents know their children will encounter, including:

This resource won’t simply explain what to believe. It will prepare you for how to talk about any topic in an age-appropriate manner.

Leading experts and experienced parents have joined together for dynamic conversations in each week’s video session. In addition to Russell Moore and the ERLC staff, contributors include Jen Wilkin, Ray Ortlund, Jackie Hill Perry, David Prince, and Ben Stuart.

Christ-Centered Parenting equips parents and leaders through six video sessions and a comprehensive book. The 25–30 minute video roundtables lay a foundation for small group or Sunday school discussions by addressing key aspects of the week’s topics. In the book, Moore and myself take an in-depth look at the most difficult issues. It also includes age-graded information pages that will enable parents to understand how their children are processing the subject and how they can carry out gospel conversations.

Furthermore, it’s an adaptable and ideal resource for a variety of settings, including small groups or Sunday school for parents, student ministry leader training, pastor leadership development, or for husbands and wives who want to be better prepared.

The underpinning of the Christ-Centered Parenting curriculum is based on a simple idea: when Christ is the foundation for your parenting, it enables you to equip your children to navigate even the most complex issues in the culture today. As the world around us continues to shift, this resource will help prepare you and your children to meet the cultural challenges ahead with faithfulness to our Lord and his Word.

Grab your copy of Christ-Centered Parenting here!

In a changing world, your children will have questions you may not know how to answer. Join us for the fourth annual ERLC National Conference on "Parenting: Christ-Centered Parenting in a Complex World" on August 24-26, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn., this event will welcome key speakers including Russell Moore, Jim Daly, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Todd Wagner, and Jen Wilkin. Register here.

Phillip Bethancourt

Phillip Bethancourt is Senior Pastor of Central Church in College Station, Texas. Before he was called to pastor Central, he served as the Executive Vice President of the ERLC team. He completed an MDiv and PhD in Systematic Theology at Southern after attending Texas A&M University. Phillip and his wife, Cami, have been married since 2005, … Read More