Fact Sheet: Effects of marijuana

March 14, 2014

According to the latest statistics, marijuana use is on the rise in America. While this is very disturbing, it should not come as a surprise. Governments, from the federal to the local level, have begun to accept the use of marijuana. Numerous states have legalized its use for medicinal purposes. Some have even legalized the use and sale of small amounts for recreational purposes. This relaxed attitude toward marijuana by civil authorities was certain to lead to its increased use.

Christians, especially, should not succumb to the growing popularity of this drug or to its supposed benefits. Scripture tells us that, in Christ, our bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit.” As such, we are called to glorify God with our bodies (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Consequently, there is no place in the Christian life for the recreational use of marijuana. Even its limited value as a potential medicine has not yet been adequately studied. Marijuana is destructive across the entire scope of human experience. Whether one considers its effects on work, relationships, spiritual vitality, physical and mental wellbeing, or any other measure, marijuana is a debilitating and dangerous substance. 

It has been said that facts are stubborn things. This is true for the facts about marijuana as well. Those considering its use should be fully aware of what they are getting themselves involved in. For those concerned about their health and their responsibility to glorify God with their bodies, the following facts should offer reason enough to stay away from this dangerous drug.

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