Fasting and feasting during Lent

March 1, 2017

The Lenten season begins today. Lent is a time when many, even within the Protestant tradition, fast from various food or habits for 40 to 46 days.

For some of us, it might serve as an opportunity to fast from social media or the news. Staying current and being aware of what is happening in the world is often a good thing. It allows me to adjust my prayers, solidify my convictions and even write in hopes of encouraging those who might be wary about a particular event or topic. But if our only feast is that of blogs, social media and news outlets, we’ll grow discouraged.

Before we turn off social media or stop reading those articles, though, it might do us good to seek to understand why we fast, and what we ought to feast on instead.

Stories will come and go; what is an issue today will be gone tomorrow. But Jesus is eternal, his kingdom will stand forever, and he will forever be our source of joy.

So this season, let us feast on: Jesus who is the bread of life (Matt. 4:4; John 6:35; John 6:48-58) and God’s Word, breathed out by him, which gives knowledge, wisdom and life (Psalm 1:2; 2 Tim. 3:16).

Lent can easily pass without much thought for some of us or be a confusing religious tradition for others. If you’re interested, this interview with Justin Taylor, co-author of The Final Days of Jesus, can help you understand why many remember and partake in Lent this season—and may even persuade you to do the same. And whether we celebrate Lent or not, let us pray to always fix our eyes on Jesus, and fill our cup with the better and the only way, truth and life (John 14:6).  

Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell is the author of several books including A Great Cloud of Witnesses, Sacred Endurance, If God Is For Us, Fear and Faith,and the children’s books, Creative God, Colorful Us and  God’s Very Good Idea. When she isn’t writing, she’s encouraging and supporting other writers as an Acquisitions Editor at Moody … Read More