The Restoration Series: A family’s moving journey after prison

April 25, 2019

Have you ever made a decision a choice you would give anything to take back, a mistake big enough to separate you from the people you love? In the wake of those decisions, is there room for God’s grace to come in and make things new?

That’s the question raised in The Restoration Series, a new five-part film series released by Prison Fellowship®.

The Restoration Series follows the journey of Jonathan, a husband and father from Texas, and his young family.

When he was barely an adult, Jonathan made a choice that took him away—from everything he knew and all the people he loved.

"When you're that young, you don't realize that even the smallest decision can affect your life in a way that you'll spend a lifetime trying to get back," he says.

He missed the birth of his son. His daughter’s first day of school. Anniversaries with his wife. And all the everyday, precious moments in between.

After spending almost half his life in the prison system, Jonathan is coming home. He knows nothing will be easy. Nationwide, more than 600,000 prisoners are released each year. Two out of 3 will be arrested again within three years—a testament to the difficulty of making a successful reentry into society.

But Jonathan is resolved. He is leaning on his faith in Christ and the skills and lessons he learned in a restorative in-prison program to forge a new path for his life as the father and husband his family needs. He is ready to face his fears and enter the future God has for him.

Prison Fellowship, a proud partner of the ERLC, invites you to follow the moving journey of Jonathan’s family—and see what grace can do.

Watch the first episode of The Restoration Series: Jonathan’s Walk here.  

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