What is the Psalm 139 Project?

Saving lives through ultrasound machines

February 14, 2023

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention is dedicated to protecting life in all stages of development, including those in the womb. The Psalm 139 Project is an overflow of that commitment. 

This valuable ministry exists to purchase and place ultrasound machines in pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) and women’s health clinics (WHCs) around the country and train clinic staff for their use. Each placement allows abortion-vulnerable and abortion-determined women to get a glimpse of the life inside their womb. 

One hundred percent of all donations given to the Psalm 139 Project go toward the purchase of life-saving machines and training of the clinic staff who will utilize them.

Praying for this vital work

In 2022, we placed or committed to place 27 machines across nine states. In doing so, we partnered with five Baptist state conventions: Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and SBC of Virginia.

Before placing an ultrasound machine, our staff works through a due-diligence checklist to determine if qualified PRCs and WHCs meet the local and state guidelines and criteria, as well as show longevity in the community. Among the other components we look for in centers where we place machines include:

Many executive directors from clinics around the country have shared with our team about the vital work happening in underserved areas through mobile units, as well as the need for additional ultrasound machines and nurse training in order to open new locations. Placements are strategically spread out to areas with the intention of having the most impact per placement.

The work of these centers is increasingly indispensable in a post-Roe world. Here are a few ways you can pray for PRCs and WHCs: 

Join us in 2023

We will continue to provide ultrasound machines to PRCs or WHCs to aid clinic staff with the adequate means to better serve vulnerable women and to save more preborn babies. As word about the Psalm 139 Project spreads, we have had an overwhelming response from pregnancy care centers expressing a need for new ultrasound equipment through our application process. In 2023, we will work to identify and seek to place machines in as many abortion-permissible states to provide critical support for PRCs as abortion tourism will bring an increased number of women seeking abortions in these states.

At the ERLC, we believe in standing for the life of preborn children as well as caring for the well-being of women. Through hearing the heartbeat of a preborn child, caring for the pregnant woman regardless of where she finds herself, or educating about the foundational truths that each life has dignity, we desire to widely share the beauty of this holistic, pro-life vision. 

We know the pro-life movement requires us all working together to continue to see a shift in this country to make abortion unthinkable for women and to show them the true value of the sacred life within their womb. We would like to invite you to join us in this vital work through the Psalm 139 Project. 

Together, we have the amazing opportunity to place ultrasound machines in pregnancy care centers across the country to rescue babies and leave a legacy of life for generations to come.