Why we help equip the church to be faithful in singleness and marriage

December 13, 2017

This is the latest ERLC End-of-Year update as part of our RISE Campaign.

Singleness is the norm for an increasing number of people in our society. And if marriage is in the future, people across various demographics are usually single for a longer period of time. I was one of them. Though I desired marriage and prayed for it, my prospects were dwindling, and the years were passing me by. But the Lord, in his kindness, answered my heart’s desire at 34 years old when I walked down the aisle to the man I had been waiting for.

Still, in those single years, I didn’t know if or when the Lord would grant my request. I spent many nights alone, navigated difficult circumstances on my own, and constantly wrestled with my discontentment.

Many men and women find themselves in a season of unwanted singleness. With this season comes unique challenges and temptations that require specific equipping. For myself, if I didn’t have a a sound theology of the Lord, his Word, sexuality, sin, and community, I’m not sure I would have had the resources—spiritual and physical—to walk faithfully as a Christian.

That’s where the ERLC comes in. Working with and for the church, we provide resources to educate and equip Christian men and women, from young to old, to walk in spirit and in truth in whatever circumstances they experience, whether now or in the future. We provide free videos and articles that deal with the topics of singleness, marriage, and sexuality from a Biblical perspective. And we have hosted several National Conferences focused on similar subjects, including how to answer these questions in the task of parenting.

Supporting the ERLC enables us to continue to present what the Bible teaches about the issues of singleness and marriage.

We believe the Word is living and active, giving us what we need for life and godliness. Supporting the ERLC enables us to continue to present what the Bible teaches about these issues, thus, we hope, enabling the church and her members to be a faithful witness of the worthiness of Jesus Christ in such dark and confusing days.

2018 is poised to present more challenges for anyone wishing to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, especially when it comes to issues of sexuality. Singleness and marriage as presented by the Bible are not favored or looked well upon by our increasingly secularized society—nor will those who follow Christ and build their lives upon this solid foundation. Please help us continue to expand our educating and equipping ministry so that the body of Christ can rise up and put the glory of God on display to a watching and hurting world.

Help us multiply our efforts in the public square. Consider making a tax-deductible end-of-year gift to the ERLC today.

Lindsay Nicolet

Lindsay Nicolet serves as the Managing Editor of Content. She oversees the day-to-day management of our online content from the Nashville office. Lindsay completed her Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is married to Justin and they have one daughter. Read More by this Author