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On the first full episode of Countermoves, Andrew interviews Commentary writer Sohrab Ahmari, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, on the future of liberal democracy and looks at particular threats facing the West. 

His work has covered issues of the crises facing liberal democracy, foreign policy, identity politics, family stability, the gender revolution, and the rise of assisted suicide. As a Catholic Christian, he’s a champion for human dignity.

Twitter: @SohrabAhmari

Articles by Sohrab Ahmari at Commentary

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Andrew T. Walker

Andrew T. Walker is the Director of Research and Senior Fellow in Christian Ethics at the ERLC. In his role, he researches, speaks, and writes about the intersection of Christian ethics, public policy, and the church’s social witness. He also... Read More

Sohrab Ahmari

Sohrab Ahmari is a former editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, based in London, where he also wrote the Border Lands column on security in Europe and the Middle East. He joined the Journal in New York as an... Read More

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