A Marathon of Good Work Ahead

Lindsay Nicolet

I remember gasping when I saw the news that the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision, making abortion legal across our nation, was overturned. Honestly, I knew it could happen, but I didn’t think it would. The culture of death is so entrenched in our society that the taking of an innocent life through abortion is not only accepted, but celebrated by many. 

But God. Roe’s demise through the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling has already led to thousands of preborn lives being saved. Yet, with the wonderful news of these precious ones being given a chance to live, comes the reality that there’s still a marathon of good work ahead for those who affirm the dignity of every human being. 

Girls. Boys. Moms. Dads. Adoptive and foster care families. Pregnancy resource center staff and volunteers. Legislators. All of these and more require the active care, support, and advocacy of the Church if we are to pursue a true culture of life in a post-Roe society—a culture that equips individuals and families with what they need to flourish.

Pursuing a Culture of Life: The Pro-Life Movement After the Demise of Roe v. Wade is a resource that will educate and enable Christians to advance a comprehensive pro-life vision rooted in the imago Dei. Authors like Bart Barber, the current SBC president; Dana McCain; Ben Mitchell; and former ERLC President Richard Land help us think through the issues that we cannot neglect if we are to convince our society that we can and must protect, respect, and seek the good of every neighbor. Readers will even learn how some individuals are developing creative solutions to meet the practical needs of this moment and demonstrate how a Christian ethic of life is lived out on a daily basis. 

Pursuing a culture of life in our secular age is a monumental task. The enemy we face and the spirit of the age is and has always been opposed to life and flourishing, both physical and spiritual. But God. He has been the hope of those who labored and prayed for the day Roe would be no more, and he will continue to be the hope of those who know that nothing is too hard for him. The same God who put on flesh, spent nine months in Mary’s womb, and came as a baby to save us from our sins is the one we depend upon and serve as we labor for the physical and spiritual salvation of those deceived by the culture of death. 

We pray God will use this issue of Light magazine to do far more than we could ask or imagine in these days. We press on toward the day, maybe 50 more years down the road, when life is so treasured that abortion is absolutely unthinkable. And we do so with the unshakable hope that our pursuit, in Christ, is never in vain. 

Lindsay Nicolet
Managing Editor, Light Magazine

Lindsay Nicolet serves as the Editorial Director. She oversees the day-to-day management of our online content from the Nashville office. Lindsay completed her Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is married to Justin and they have a daughter and a son.