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In this episode, Josh, Lindsay, and Meagan reflect on the past year since the Coronavirus lockdown and Beth Moore’s announcement of her departure from Lifeway and the SBC. Lindsay gives a rundown of this week’s ERLC content including Andrew Bertodatti with “3 Ways Church Membership Challenges our Individualism,” the Policy Staff with “Explainer: The Supreme Court sides with former student on religious free speech,” ERLC Staff with “Explainer: Removal of EEOC General Counsel Creates Concern for Religious Liberty Protections,” and Catherine Parks with “How vaccines protect the vulnerable.” Also in this episode, the hosts are joined by Dr. Scott James for a conversation about life and ministry. 

About Dr. James

Scott James serves as an Elder at The Church at Brook Hills. He and his wife, Jaime, have four children and live in Birmingham, Alabama, where he works as a pediatric physician. He is the author of The Expected One: Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent, Mission Accomplished: A Two-Week Family Easter Devotional, The Littlest Watchman, Where Is Wisdom?, and his latest book God Cares for Me: Helping Children Trust God When They’re Sick. You can connect with him on Twitter: @scott_h_james

ERLC Content


  1. Coronavirus dashboard
  2. The sports shutdown of 2020: One year later
  3. Fauci says COVID death toll would have “shocked” him a year ago
  4. Many vulnerable Americans have received the coronavirus vaccine
  5. Bible teacher Beth Moore, splitting with Lifeway, says, ‘I am no longer a Southern Baptist’
  6. Beth Moore announces departure from Lifeway, SBC


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Josh Wester

Joshua B. Wester serves as Director of Content and Chair of Research in Christian Ethics. He holds an M.Div from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Th.M. in Public Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Josh is married to McCaffity, and they have two children. Read More by this Author

Lindsay Nicolet

Lindsay Nicolet serves as the Editorial Director. She oversees the day-to-day management of our online content from the Nashville office. Lindsay completed her Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is married to Justin and they have a daughter and a son. Read More by this Author

Meagan Mayo

Meagan Mayo is the Senior Project Manager for the Operations Team. Meagan helps lead the operations team, manages operations projects day to day, and takes the lead on planning and executing ERLC events. Meagan has a B.A. in Psychology from Lee University and a Master of Divinity in Great Commission … Read More


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ERLC Podcast Episodes