“A Time to Build” by Yuval Levin 

Hannah Daniel

The times we live in are deeply polarized and divided. From our families and churches to media and government, it seems that all of our institutions are failing and that the culture wars are driving us irreconcilably apart. As distrust festers, it can often feel that the only way forward is to burn it all down. A Time to Build by Yuval Levin looks at these trends and offers a more compelling solution.

Levin argues that rather than destroying the institutions that have failed us, we must rebuild them through communal commitment and a return to trustworthiness. Rather than seeing our institutions as stages on which to perform, we must allow ourselves to be shaped by them in meaningful ways. This book offers a new way of thinking that allows the reader to see how they can take practical steps toward renewing our relationships, institutions, and nation. 

Hannah Daniel serves as a Policy Associate in the ERLC's Washington, D.C. office. She graduated with a degree in Economics from Union University in 2020. She lives in Washington, D.C., and is a member of King’s Church.