Adorning the Dark

Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making

Grace Liu

Adorning the Dark isn’t a book about just writing, or singing, or any of the things you might associate with Andrew Peterson. It’s a book about creating—something which Peterson says every one of us was created to do. Through a collection of honest stories and personal reflections, this beautifully written memoir will open your eyes to the wonder of God’s creation so that you might, with this wonder, be moved to create as an act of worship.

Peterson highlights the roles of story, place, community, and beauty as not merely ends in themselves, but as windows into our deepest longings, pointing us back to our Creator. It’s in this yearning where true creativity emerges, from “the most intimate chambers of [the] heart,” to “lead the audience . . . to the Ultimate Self, the Word that made the world. In that grand chamber alone will art find it’s best end, as an avenue to lead the audience Home” (44-45).

Grace Liu serves as Marketing Assistant. She helps manage ERLC and Stand for Life social media accounts and assists with other marketing campaigns and initiatives. Outside of the ERLC, Grace serves as Advancement and Partnerships Associate at The Field School and Projects Manager for the Asian American Christian Collaborative.