After Acts 

Kadin Christian

What happened to the apostles after the book of Acts? In his book After Acts, Bryan Litfin brings readers along as he conducts a comprehensive investigation into answering this question. He provides background for these biblical characters and presents historical evidence that points to different theories surrounding what came next for them. Throughout the book Litfin consistently amplifies the reality that they surrendered everything for the sake of the gospel. While history is unclear, Litfin reinforces the reality that we can be certain these individuals spent their lives on mission so that people would hear the good news. 

In a way, this book is not solely a historical resource, but also a call upon its readers to ask themselves: how am I spending my life for the kingdom of God? After Acts will leave you encouraged by the boldness, faith, and love for the Lord on display in the apostles’ lives.

Kadin Christian serves in an administrative assistant role at the ERLC, working primarily with the Office of the President, but also in a more general capacity in the Nashville office. An Alabama native, Kadin previously served as an intern with the ERLC, and then continued working under the leadership of the Chair of Research in Technology Ethics while he pursued a seminary degree and served in with a college ministry at his church near Auburn University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. Kadin is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.