“God, Technology, and the Christian Life” by Tony Reinke 

Jordan Wootten

One of the most pressing questions of our day is, “What are we to do with the technology available to us?” It’s a question chiefly concerned with ethics. And seemingly, how we answer grows more consequential by the day. In his book, God, Technology, and the Christian Life, Tony Reinke addresses this question head-on. But before doing so, Reinke asks and answers a few others first: “What is technology?” “What is God’s relationship to technology?” “Where do our technologies come from?” 

Sufficient answers to these questions (and more) put us in a position to behave like Noah and David and countless others before us, who, as Reinke outlines in the book, wielded the technology of their day in faith and with wisdom. “God calls each of his children to make faith-based decisions on how we use the available technologies in this world,” Reinke says. God, Technology, and the Christian Life is his faithful, power-packed contribution to a conversation that Christians desperately need to be having.  

Jordan Wootten serves as a News and Culture Channel Editor at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. He is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Jordan is married to Juliana, and they have three children.