“How (Not) to Be Secular” by James K.A. Smith 

Jason Thacker

Given the rise of secularism and how easily this terminology is thrown about in conversations today, Christians need to think deeply about what it actually is and how our society has shifted so quickly on what it means to be human, the nature of sexuality, and other pressing social and ethical issues. Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor is one of the intellectual giants of our day, but often his works are incredibly dense and inaccessible to the average reader. This volume by philosopher James K.A. Smith outlines and helps readers understand the work of Taylor without overwhelming them. Smith helps readers navigate competing definitions of secular, explore ideas such as the social imaginary, and see how the public square has become so highly contested but not devoid of transcendent moral and social language, even if faith is rejected by many in the social order.

Jason Thacker serves as chair of research in technology ethics and leads the ERLC Research Institute. He writes and speaks on various topics including human dignity, ethics, public theology, technology, digital governance, and artificial intelligence. His book, The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity, released March 2020 with Zondervan. He is a graduate of The University of Tennessee and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Christian Ethics and Public Theology. He is married to Dorie and they have two sons.