Into the Light

Bible Study Book: A Biblical Approach to Healing from the Past

Jenn Kintner

Into The Light is a seven-week Bible study that addresses trauma and healing by looking at Scripture. Author Mary DeMuth helps the churches not only care for the survivors in their midst, but care for one another in general. This study provides a theological understanding of shepherding, care, the church, sorrow, lament, justice, and repentance. The “We-Too Moments” each week provide practical action steps for caring for one another. And the discussion questions will help someone working through the study on their own reflect and will help those working through it together to listen well and better care for those who have been silenced by trauma. 

We don’t heal in isolation. We need one another, and this book brings hope and instruction from Scripture on how to heal together. DeMuth brings hope by pointing to God’s intent for the church and by helping those doing the study to be better neighbors and ambassadors to a “bleeding world” (150).

Jenn Kintner holds a Doctorate of Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to her work at the ERLC she spent 10 years discipling and teaching women in Christian higher education.