“The Politics of the Cross” by Daniel Williams 

Alex Ward

There is no question that American politics is fraught with unhealthy tension. In Daniel Williams’ The Politics of the Cross, he offers a vision that goes beyond partisanship and instead asks Christians to devote themselves to furthering the moral demands of the Kingdom of God in the public square. Building on his previous work that has explored Christian political activity through history, he advances a political theology grounded in the inherent dignity of each individual and calls Christians to reject partisanship and tribal identity. Rather, as exiles and sojourners, we should look to advance the principles of the gospel even as we have robust debates about particular policies. This is essential reading for anyone looking for a Christian political vision that is neither right or left, Republican or Democrat, but gospel-saturated, Kingdom-oriented, and dignity-centered.

Alex Ward serves as Lead Researcher for the ERLC. He assists with the oversight of the Research Institute under the leadership of the Director of Research. Additionally, he serves as an Associate Editor for the organization. Alex is currently pursuing a PhD in History at the University of Mississippi studying evangelical political activity in the 20th century. He holds a Master of Theology in church history from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Mississippi State University. He is married to Lindsey and they have one daughter.