Citizenship : White Papers

  • Faith and Healthy Democracy

    In June 2017 a gunman opened fire on a group of Republican Congressman, nearly killing one. Just over a year later, several pipe bombs were mailed to prominent Democratic officials, including former President Barack Obama. In recent years Americans have attacked and killed fellow Americans at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, a gay nightclub in


  • Southern Baptists Serving Their Neighbors

    Executive Summary The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, consisting of approximately 50,000 churches in all 50 states. A key component of the Southern Baptist identity is a commitment to serve one’s neighbors by actively addressing social service needs on both local and international levels. With few exceptions, these


  • Some Positive Benefits Churches Bring to Communities

    The American founders viewed churches as a central institution within American life, because religion provided the moral foundation of self-restraint and community awareness necessary for the success of republican self-government. Many believed that the American experiment would not succeed without the moral training churches provided to citizens. Churches, surely, have contributed to the success of