SCOTUS upholds freedom of expression in NIFLA decision

June 26, 2018

Hello. This is Russell Moore. I'm standing here, outside the United States Supreme Court Building after the court has just ruled in the matter of NIFLA versus Becerra. Essentially, what this case is about is whether or not the state of California can compel pro-life pregnancy resource centers to provide people information, essentially, to refer people to abortion providers. 

Well, the court ruled the right way today. The court affirmed the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, that the state can't force pro-life organizations to participate in abortion. That's a good ruling. It's good for all Americans, wherever we stand on a variety of issues. More importantly, though, this decision ought to remind us of the crucial work of pregnancy resource centers all around the country, advocating for unborn children and also for their mothers, providing to mothers the means to care for their children and to move forward toward flourishing in their lives and in their families. 

At the ERLC, we support what's called the "Psalm 139 Project," which provides ultrasound machines for pro-life pregnancy resource centers in order to help women to think through the decision about whether or not to end the life or to carry forward the life of their children. 

This is a good and worthy endeavor that I would encourage you to participate in, and also to participate with pregnancy resource centers in your community, caring for children in distress and mothers in distress.

Russell Moore

Russell Moore is former President of the ERLC. He holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His latest book is The Courage to Stand: Facing Your Fear Without Losing Your Soul. His book, The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home, was named Christianity Today’s 2019 Book of the Year. … Read More