2018 ERLC Legislative Agenda

In Washington, we are in the second session of the 115th Congress. This is an election year, which means the window for legislative activity is shorter than usual and tensions will heighten when voting on difficult issues. While 2017 was a year of many surprises and political uncertainty, we remained focused on our priorities and were able to secure several victories in advancing our priorities.

The following lays out the legislative and policy initiatives we will engage this year. Some issues are new for 2018, but much of this agenda consists of continuing and completing the work we started in the first session of the 115th Congress. A good example is the work done in the context of appropriations and spending. We worked hard to ensure many of our priorities were included as riders in the appropriations bills passed by the House of Representatives last year. We will now continue working with the Senate and the White House to ensure these priorities remain in the final legislation when Congress takes up an omnibus appropriations bill this spring.

Though not exhaustive, the following agenda provides insight into the range of issues the ERLC will focus on this year to serve Southern Baptists and the common good. This is an ambitious agenda and that many of these items are long-term initiatives that will require incremental progress and a sustained commitment over time. Above all, we believe that rigorous integrity produces the most fruitful political engagement. We will continue to work to that end for Southern Baptists in Washington, D.C. this year.