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Why the Roman Catholic Church now allows priests to bless same-sex couples

The end of 2023 has seen the largest Christian denominations in American struggling in...

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Why should Christians care about the definition of marriage?

Understanding important Bible passages

I still remember the first time I heard a Christian question why it was...

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How the church should respond to the rise of antisemitism in America

Simmering beneath the surface of so much of our unhelpful national rhetoric is a...

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How to show Christlike care for a student who struggles with same-sex attraction

Sandra grew up in a Christian home. She was a good girl in church...

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same-sex marriage

Four reasons Christians should still oppose same-sex marriage

A recent Gallup poll finds that support for same-sex marriage has reached an all-time...

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How special needs inclusion changes the culture of the church

When our church members see James

Ten years ago, we sat in child-sized chairs in a storage room/office at the...

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