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‘We Better Step Up’

Laura Messick Paves The Way For Christians To Provide Compassion And Care

It was a news story about sanitation workers that woke Laura Messick up to...

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children's ministry

How to keep your children’s ministry on mission

An interview with Jared Kennedy on his keeping life in Christ as the main goal

When building a children’s ministry at a church, there is so much to consider:...

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What adoption is teaching me

Waiting for my children and facing my fears

It’s nearly Advent, but my mind is preoccupied with a different holiday. Four years...

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12 things to consider when reopening your children’s ministry

It’s been nearly two months now since many of our churches gathered. And we’re...

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Some questions and answers about foster care

One family’s experience as foster parents

There are so many unknowns when you have kids. Whether you are biological parents,...

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Books the ERLC staff enjoyed in 2019

Reading is important. It cultivates imagination, helps clarify ideas, and shapes our thinking. Throughout...

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