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The coronavirus pandemic is pushing vulnerable populations into unprecedented risk of starvation in North America and around the world. Through the work of Global Hunger Relief, Southern Baptists are equipped to respond to this humanitarian crisis.

“Hunger is on the rise,” the 2021 Global Humanitarian Overview states. The report projects the current number of  “acutely food insecure people” around the world at 270 million. Food insecurity describes a household’s inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life.

The overview reports that almost all food systems have been majorly disrupted in the last 12 months. Nearly every school-age child in the world has dealt with school closures this year, in some cases eliminating critical access to meals provided through schools.

In the United States, “more than 50 million people may experience food insecurity, including a potential 17 million children,” due to the pandemic, reports Feeding America.

Global Hunger Relief, an initiative of Southern Baptists, exists to serve those at risk for hunger around the world through Gospel-centered projects. GHR is prepared to meet immediate, crisis needs, but also provides long-term, sustainable solutions to end chronic hunger, such as job skills training, livestock and seed distribution, and clean water. 

GHR is a collaborative partnership between seven Southern Baptist organizations: Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Send Relief, Women’s Missionary Union, Lifeway Christian Resources, and the SBC Executive Committee.

Southern Baptists have a long history of working together to combat global hunger and established the World Hunger Fund in 1978, which eventually became known as Global Hunger Relief.

Because of the Cooperative Program, all donations given to GHR go directly to hunger needs. Twenty percent of funds meet needs in North America and Eighty percent of funds meet needs around the world. Learn more about Global Hunger Relief at and

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The bond between a grandmother and a grandchild is special. It’s a pure, unconditional exchange of love, support, and care that only sweetens across generations. Winnie knows a thing or two about that bond. Every day, she cares for her own eight grandchildren, all of whom have lost their parents, Winnie’s children, to AIDS.

But she doesn’t stop there. Beneath her roof, she cares for 22 other HIV/AIDS orphans. Her lifestyle is simple, her home is modest, but her love is extravagant, buoyed by the support of Southern Baptists just like you. 

Every week, Winnie receives food packages funded by Global Hunger Relief that provide nutritious food for all of her grandchildren—natural and adopted. She also receives milk powder and infant formula for the younger children, and last year, she received seeds and planted a garden that provided healthy, fresh vegetables for her brood. 

Winnie seeks no recognition and is grateful for the food, formula, and seeds provided by GHR. They are evidence of the loving God in whom she trusts to provide the basic needs of the 30 precious lives that have been entrusted to her. You are by her side, helping Winnie care for and love on her beautiful, growing family through Global Hunger Relief. 

You and GHR around the world  

Outside the United States and Canada, one in nine people experience chronic hunger. Many of these are living in poor, underdeveloped societies, have been displaced from their homes and forced to live in urban slums or refugee camps, or brought to the edge of starvation by famine.

There are millions of Winnies here at home and around the world that need our help. A package of food. A helping hand. A word of truth and encouragement. You give all this and more when you give to Global Hunger Relief.

Together, you and GHR are providing short and long-term solutions. To those who have lost everything, food is offered to meet their immediate needs. But GHR funds also provide agriculture inputs, clean water, and job skills training that helps people provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty.

Hand in hand, you and GHR funded 159 international projects that impacted over 1500 communities and helped almost 500,000 people. All of this was done in a way to demonstrate and share the love of Christ. 

Hunger is also a reality In North America, in which, according to the USDA, more than 15 million households are classified as food insecure families, living at or below the poverty line. 

Last year, through GHR, you funded 2,427 ministries and provided over 16 million meals to hungry North Americans. Almost 150,000 volunteers were involved in the meal distributions resulting in over 1.4 million evangelistic encounters. 

There are millions of Winnies here at home and around the world that need our help. A package of food. A helping hand. A word of truth and encouragement. You give all this and more when you give to Global Hunger Relief.

For more information about GHR, you can visit our website, or donate to GHR today. 

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As the early morning sunlight backlit their frail bodies, small hands stretched outward through the metal airport gates.

Child beggars.

Instinctively, I reached for my camera; I wanted to document every moment of this trip. In praying and preparing over the last year, the Lord had captured my heart for this people group and I loved them.

But I paused and allowed the scene to unfold before me, allowing it to sear into my mind all the while gripping my heart.


Grumbling bellies.

Hollow eyes.

Visible, urgent and physical needs that seemed to overshadow their greater need: hope in Christ.

Yet, after journeying more than 18 hours, our team’s mission was still to bring them the Bread of Life.

Desperate conditions

When hunger meets you face to face, you quickly realize our ‘American lives’ are vastly different than most of the rest of the world.

When hunger meets you face to face, you quickly realize our ‘American lives’ are vastly different than most of the rest of the world. We must meet both the physical and spiritual needs. During this trip, I would see firsthand that by meeting their physical needs we would gain their trust and ears to share about their spiritual need—leaving the heart work in the Lord’s hands.

This South Asian country is about the size of Illinois, yet has around 163 million people sandwiched into its borders. That is comparable to more than half the population of the United States living in one of our 50 states.

Around 77 percent of people live on less than $2 a day – the international poverty standard – yet 40 percent live on less than $1 a day. As a result, many South Asians’ diets consist of rice. Rice is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Add a blend of vegetables and curry and you have a typical meal.

Though many live in poverty, there are glimmers of hope. Two centers for girls are shining light into the slum areas where girls are often at risk for human trafficking.

Beacons of hope

Young girls from the slums bound up the steps into one of the centers, meeting our team with smiles.

Bright hues of blue and green fluttered around the room. Each school day the girls dress in a clean school uniform, changing out of their ‘street clothes’ after a shower.

Giggles and sweet conversation filled the room as they sat down to eat breakfast provided by the center. Global Hunger Relief, an initiative by Southern Baptists, aides the center in the purchase of the food for these young girls.

Our team played Twister, Phase Ten and Old Maid with the girls to teach them their colors, animals, numbers and occupations. The smell of curry filled the air as we played. Lunch was placed before us; a large pile of white rice topped with curried lentils and green chilies melded beautifully with potatoes and green beans. Filling those empty bellies with warm food showed our love and compassion, and their hearts became a bit more open.  

As the two ministry centers meet the girls’ daily needs of hygiene, nutrition and education, they share the Bread of Life and how Christ has come to redeem each of them. They are also teaching them to sew so they can obtain a job one day.

Within these walls, there is life, as beggars become beacons of hope.

To support food-providing ministries around the world, like the one visited by Lindsay McDonald, or to learn more about Global Hunger Relief, visit

Churches across the nation will recognize October 8, 2017, as Global Hunger Sunday by discussing the global hunger crisis, praying for those affected, and giving to Global Hunger Relief

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World hunger is an issue that affects millions of people on both an international and domestic scale, irrespective of geography or ethnicity. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, 1 in 8 people in the world do not get enough food to lead an active and healthy life, which equates to over 800 million worldwide. This means that hunger and malnutrition are the greatest threats to global health—more so than even AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

With the world hunger crisis at such an alarming level, why should Southern Baptists, and Christians in general, care about this food shortage? Southern Baptists ought to care about the hunger crisis in the world because of the following biblical principles:

  • Compassion (Mark 8:2-3)
  • Summons to help the poor (Ps. 41:1; Prov. 14:31, 21:13, 28:27)
  • Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matt. 22:34-40) 

Download the brief for more information.