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Note: This is the second of a two part series. To read part one, Why Pornography Use Becomes a Habit, click here.

In the Old Testament a covenant is a bond made between two or more parties. Most covenants mentioned are between God and man or between two people. But Job uses the term in an unusual way, saying he “made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.” (Job 31:1) Job made a serious pledge to bind himself in this way to prevent becoming bound in slavery to lust.

Today, many people find themselves enslaved to lust through a habit of consuming pornography. The effects porn has on the brain can make it an exceedingly difficult sin to overcome. But through God’s grace anyone can be released from the shackles of pornography.

Here are six steps to guide you to freedom: 

Confess and repent — Stop wallowing in guilt and shame. Confess and repent your sins, knowing that Jesus has already paid the price for the sins of your heart. 

Affirm God’s forgiveness — Once we confess our sins, we need to affirm God has pronounced us clean and forgiven. “While it may sound humble and modest to question God’s forgiveness, it is actually prideful and arrogant to refuse to believe what God declares to be true about you,” says Heath Lambert. “Repentance means affirming what God says about you.”

Seek transformation — Not only will God forgive our lust, he will give us the power to overcome that sin. Ask for and seek his transforming grace.

Establish accountability — Seek out someone who has spiritual authority and maturity to hold you accountable. Explain to them that you’ve been enslaved to porn but are now free and clean. Avoid explicit details — that life of filth is gone. Ask them to help hold you accountable during your transformation.

Install buffers and filters — Use tools and techniques that will prevent you from coming into contact with porn. Avoid outward temptations and you work on your heart.

Don’t give up — If you stumble, go back to step one—confess and repent—and start again. God’s power over sin is infinitely greater than your pornography habit. Trust in his grace; don’t give up, and in time you will be set free.