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In a world on fire with every kind of division imaginable—from religious to political to racial and beyond—how do we engage the world around us without fear? How do we know when to stand and speak, how to show both conviction and kindness, and how both to speak the truth and pursue unity for the sake of the gospel?

These are challenging questions, but the Bible gives us answers. Join us in Texas at the Gaylord Texan on October 3–5, 2019, as we hear from pastors, experts, and leaders address questions such as:

  • Why are our churches torn apart by tribalism, and what can we do to build unity?
  • How can we engage politics for the common good and yet get along with those who disagree?
  • How do we stand for a Christian sexual ethic when to do so costs us social capital?
  • What does courage look like in the face of sexual abuse, racial injustice, and abuse of power?
  • What kinds of political issues should pastors engage, and which should they avoid?
  • How can we speak in ways that persuade rather than inflame?

In a world torn apart by division, in a social media environment that dehumanizes rather than edifies, it’s time for Christians to show the world a better way. This is a conference for pastors and lay leaders, men and women, to learn what the Bible says about how we should stand and speak and how we should lead our families and churches for the cause of Christ.



Hotel Information

The event will take place at the iconic Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX.

To make reservations please call  877-491-5138 and ask for ERLC National Conference 2019. This is a toll free 24/7 number. 

Reservations can also be made online at the following link:

The rate is $209 plus $20 resort fee and taxes, and guests responsible for all charges.

Room reservations must be made on or before 09/10/2019.  Room reservation requests after this date will be subject to hotel availability at the rack rate.

Check in is 3:00 p.m. CT with check out at 11:00 a.m. CT.


A: If you need to cancel before July 31st, 2019, please visit the registration page or contact us at and you will receive a full refund. If you are cancelling on or after July 31st, 2019,, no refunds will be provided.

A: We are planning to live-stream the plenary addresses on and post those sessions on our site shortly after the event.

A: A simulcast of the National Conference will be available for free. A simulcast is a live internet broadcast of an event from a single venue into multiple venues – such as your own environment. Thus a simultaneous event occurs in both the origin venue and in many satellite locations — your church, home or laptop.


Super early rate:
$69/person through Oct 31, 2018

Early rate:
$104/person through January 24, 2019

Standard rate:
$129/person through June 20th, 2019

Final rate:
$159/person through October 11th, 2019

*Discounted rates are available for students, church planters, and groups.